The Pu-er Tea

Weight Reduction and Antioxidants

Learn About Pu-er Tea

Pu-er tea is known in China as "medicinal tea." Although green tea has gotten all the press, Pu-er tea has been enjoyed in Europe, Japan, and Korea for many years. We believe the time has come for Pu-er tea to merit a place among the teas of Americans.

Pu-er tea leaves are processed differently than green tea leaves. They are oxidized similar to an oolong tea, but not as long as black tea. The leaves are then dried loose or compressed into tea bricks, tea cakes, or Tuochas that look like birds nests. 

Many tea drinkers and coffee drinkers enjoy Pu-er tea’s rich, deep flavors.  Since Pu-er tea has much less caffeine than coffee, it is a great alternative for those looking to decrease caffeine intake but still enjoy a full-bodied beverage. 

Pu-er Tea provides health benefits, and is a great addition to anyone’s diet. One cup of Pu-er tea with each meal has been shown to stimulate weight loss. We suggest trying the "Pu-er Diet." Drink 1 cup with each meal for one month and decide for yourself. Tea will balance the body’s systems and stimulate a more functional metabolism.

Our Pu-er tea comes in the compressed form, Tuochas, that look like birds nests. It is naturally decaffeinated, and is more earthy tasting. Each piece is 3 grams, enough for one day’s use.

Healthy Benefits of Pu-er Tea

Pu-er Tea as a weight loss aid

Pu-er Tea has been used as an aid for weight loss. Drinking a cup of tea with each meal is a protocol for using the tea successfully as a metabolic stimulant. The tea by itself contains only 4 calories per serving, and is most healthy when consumed with nothing added. While Pu-er tea has received the most attention as a weight loss aid, it is also a great source of antioxidants.


Help your heart

For some individuals, simply limiting their intake of cholesterol does not always significantly lower their blood cholesterol level. Pu-er tea has been shown to help enhance fat metabolism. Both green and Pu-er teas seem to bond to the cholesterol, retarding absorption as it goes through the digestive tract. This means the body does not absorb the fat even though it was eaten. Some studies done on Pu-er tea have shown marked reductions in cholesterol. Pu-er tea seems to outperform green tea in this regard. 

Enhance your immune system

Antioxidants are known to help slow degenerative diseases by helping to stop free radical activity. Free radicals hurt the body by initiating chain reactions of electron scavenging that damage the body's cells. Polyphenols and flavinoids rank high in levels of antioxidant activity. Many of tea's positive immune system effects are related to the high levels of polyphenols it contains. 

Help prevent cancer

The National Cancer Center Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan, suggests that “Drinking tea may be one of the most practical methods of cancer prevention available at present.”

Research has shown tea to be helpful in inhibiting esophageal, stomach, colon, rectal, liver, pancreatic, bladder, breast, and lung cancers. Tea has also been shown to benefit white blood cell counts during chemotherapy treatment.

Pu-er Tea Brewing Instructions 

Use one tuocha (piece) of tea each day

Take off the wrapper, and put the tea (the whole “nest”) into a glass or cup

Pour boiled or hot water into the glass or cup, steep 2 to 10 minutes

Drink and enjoy when the temperature is right for you (leaves usually float to the bottom)

Keep adding boiled or hot water, up to 8 cups per tuocha

Alternatively, bring a tea pot with 4 to 8 cups of water to rolling boil, add the tuocha, and steep for 3 to 5 minutes 

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